RO Repair And Services

Leveraging more than one decade experience, Royal Aqua has become one of the widely recognized names in the industry. Engaged in offering a wide range of reverse osmosis systems, all products supplied by us are manufactured using qualitative materials and are in accordance with the industry standards. Because we offer very competitive ro service with, our purification systems have high demand across corporate sectors as well as in households. We have a team of experienced service personnel who have expertise in providing solutions to cater client’s unique needs like RO Repair, AMC and Installation.

Our support is comprehensively designed to provide clients with water purifier service necessary to maintain RO systems for peak performance and long-term operation. Providing solutions for high-purity water applications, we offer am extensive range of membrane purification systems, ro booster pump, filters etc. featuring proven technologies. With responsibility for operating and servicing growing number of systems, Royal Aqua has the expertise and technical-know how to ensure client satisfaction.

In addition to our large inventory of water purifier systems and water treatment products, our trained service technicians provide assistance on removal, installation or even with ro water membrane cleaning, onsite or at our regional cleaning unit. We offer complete laboratory services to evaluate RO system performance and improve productivity. With a strong support system and ro service centre in Gurgaon , Delhi , Noida , Ghaziabad and Faridabad. We provide the right combination of products and services to help you save time, remain on budget and ensure your RO system provides reliable water quality. We offer complete support service at every phase throughout the life of your water purification system.

We, at Royal Aqua provide foremost edge design, investigative and evaluation services to help you maximize the water treatment system investment and life-cycle costs. Performance Evaluation done by our service team provides data analysis, normalization and technical evaluation with 24-hour reverse osmosis service customer care support.

Service Charge for Domestic RO : 250/-
Service Charge for Commercial RO : 450/-
Installation Charge : 350/-


S. No. AMC Rs. Service. Filters. Membrane. Electriccal Parts. Faulty Part.
1 AMC Plan 1 2250/- Yes Yes No No No
2 AMC Plan 2 3800/- Yes Yes Yes Yes No
3 AMC Plan 3 4300/- Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

✓ Three Periodical Service (On demand).
✓ Any additional visit (FOC) during AMC Period by intimation.
✓ Contract period 12 Months.
✓ Payment in favor Royal Aqua.
✓ Price of AMC may be increase according to water to water purification actual condition and their uses.
✓ We uses Genuine spare parts and equality to specifications.

Note: Royal aqua is an independent company & authorized sale partner of wave Ro system ltd. Royal aqua is NCR's Largest Growing Service Provider company & we undertake job work of service, AMC, Repair & Maintenance of Ro system, Royal aqua is totally responsible for these and no relation to parent company in any regards.

Spare Parts

S. No. Products MRP. Our Price Warranty
1 Membrane CSM-80 GPD 2250 2050 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
2 Membrane CSM-50 GPD 1950 1750 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
3 Membrane Vontron-75 GPD 1850 1650 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
4 Membrane housing 450 350 6 Months
5 10" Spun Filter 299 250 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
6 20" Spun filter 599 550 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
7 Sediment inline 450 350 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
8 Carbon inline 450 350 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
9 Carbon GAC 10" 450 350 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
10 CTO 10" 450 350 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
11 CTO 20" 850 750 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
12 Float Valve 450 399 6 Months
13 Adaptor 24V 850 750 6 Months
14 S. V. 24V 550 450 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
15 Candle 9" 305 250 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
16 Candle 7" 255 200 Not covered in warranty. (Consumable)
17 UV choke 750 550 6 Months
18 UV Camber 750 650 6 Months
19 UV Lamp Original Phillips 750 550 6 Months
20 Lattu 250 150 6 Months
21 Divert Valve 450 350 6 Months
22 Pre filter housing complete 10" 1050 750 6 Months
23 Pre filter housing complete 20" 1800 1500 6 Months
24 Pump 24V (Dowflow, DY, Techo,K-Flow) 2200 1950 6 Months
25 Pump kemflow 48V 2850 2650 6 Months
26 F R ( Flow Restrictor) 350 250 Not covered in warranty
27 HPS (High Pressure Switch) 450 350 Not covered in warranty
28 Pressure Tank 3050 2850 6 Months
29 Elbow 25/Pic 15/pis Not covered in warranty
30 Pipe 30/M 20/M Not covered in warranty
31 LPS (Low pressure switch) 450 350 6 Months
32 TDS Adjuster 450 350 6 Months
33 Dolphin Cabinate 1850 1650 Not covered in warranty

Kent Cabinate

2650 2450 Not covered in warranty

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